Please Don’t Suck!

You didn’t fall on this page by accident, right? If you’re here right now, it’s because you came to PodCamp Montréal this weekend. Maybe you’ve seen my conference, maybe you’ve chat with me or maybe you were just curious to learn who I am.

Was my conference any relevant to you? Have you learned some tricks or at least, did you have fun? I worked pretty hard to put those pieces together in a creative AND informative way. Have you been stimulated to be more active and create some content by yourself? Because that was really my goal: share with you and encourage each of you to get aboard this media-creating train.

Why not continue the discussion we had together and do it in this space and comment? I’d love to hear about you. And if we started a relationship in the real world, why not continue to connect the dots in the virtual world? We can become friends on FaceBook, follow each other on Twitter, or do it a more traditional way by writing me email or calling me on the phone. Yes, you can call me at 1 514 569-6906.

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