Your blog is your home. But your twitter account is your country cottage.

We’ve all heard someone saying that on the web, your blog is your home. And that’s true. It’s the main place where you should put your efforts to create content on the web. It’s not that other platforms are irrelevant or that you should stay away from social tools. But you want to drag the most traffic possible to your site because it’s the biggest piece of the puzzle for your persona.

In the country
If your blog is your home base, your Twitter account can be seen as your country cottage. It’s a place you go because it’s fun, it’s a place to take a break from home and your normal activities, but it’s not where you should put all your efforts. You don’t redesign the kitchen of your cottage while the roof of your home is leaking, right?

What if I don’t want a house?
One can live all year-round in a cottage and be very happy there. I’m not saying that everyone should start a blog or a podcast and produce content like crazy. Some people are very happy to be content consumers and others need to be content producers. But if you have a blog, you should analyze the kind of time you’re spending on social networks as opposed to the time you spend on your blog and try to find balance. It’s your blog that brings you credibility, that makes you a specialist at what you do and that establishes your authority in a domain.

Yes, your Twitter account is important because it helps you to find content, socialize, find new smart people and new stuff. And it also helps you to bring more people to get interested in what you do on your own site. But what if they go on your site and it’s not been updated in months?

Don’t let the roof of your home leak while your having fun at your cottage. The structure may rot and bring you bigger problems.

Photography by Alistair Wilson.

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