Do you know Marko Kulik?

Marko is a photographer. Not only is he a photographer but he’s also a smart one. And I have the joy to have him as a friend. How cool is that?

I know Marko through podcasting. He produces two podcasts, one about pets and the other, pretty obviously, is about photography. Go check-out his site, he also blogs and shares his knowledge and techniques about this medium. And he’s pretty involved in the community. He goes to podcamps, he goes to Podcasters Across Borders, he speaks at those events and he even agreed to help us for PodCamp Montreal by being the official photographer. Look at the picture he took of Mitch Joel, David Usher and myself and you’ll see how good he is.

So when I was thinking of getting professionnal pictures of myself, guess who I asked? And I like to see him work. As an art director, I’ve worked with a few photographers in the past and when he’s working, Marko is probably the most concentrated and dedicated to what he does, believe me.

I’m really happy with the results. Who wouldn’t be? Take a look at how good he made me look! The one you see here is the first I started spreading on the internet, but don’t worry you’ll see more. And there’s a good one with a concept I made. Nope, you won’t see it now, I’m keeping that one for later.

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