The importance of real life in new media

I’m a problem-solver, a man of ideas. I like to have new ideas and ideas stimulate me. It’s my fuel, my life. Trying new things, living new experiences. It may be a new restaurant, going to a new place, listening to fresh music or trying a sport I’ve never tried before.

People ask me how I get my ideas for blogposts, podcasts, concepts for a brand or any project for a client. I don’t get them online. The only way to get fresh ideas is to get fresh experiences. And to achieve that, one must keep away from the computer for some time. And most of the time, I get ideas by observing or thinking about small things, every day life experiences, or even simply by going outside in a park or in the nature. Just today, I’ve had two new blog ideas during a bus ride, while observing other people. Last weekend, I had one of the best blogpost ideas ever just by crossing the path of a musician in the street.

New media is ephemeral. New media will never bring ideas for life… but life brings ideas for new media.

Photography by Sylvain Grand’Maison

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