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About Fono

Fono is a new project by new media afficionado Sylvain Grand’Maison. It is a new entity under which he will be developping media projects and do consulting for podcasting and new media activities. Stay tuned to the blog for more great stuff to come and podcasting projects.

What’s in that name?
The phonautograph is the first machine that was created to record sounds back in 1857. The device that french inventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville build was used to draw the waveform of a sound on a roll of paper. Unfortunately, we could not play back the recorded sound… until this year.

Engineers worked hard to decode the visual waveform and restitute the original audio that was recorded, well, more than 150 years ago. We can now hear the very first recording of a human voice in the history: a french song called “Au clair de la lune” performed by the inventor’s daughter.

Phonautograph means “The voice that is recorded by itself”. And that is exactly what a podcaster does: record and produce audio by himself. So we truncated the word to “Phonau” and tweaked the letters to create a name that is relevant and easy to remember: Fono.


You can learn more about the Phonautograph and his inventor on Wikipedia, where you can also listen to the inventor’s daughter singing.

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